The Gathered Glory

The Staggering Conclusion of the Unicorn Chronicles

Beloved is in Luster and the last hunt of the unicorns has begun! But by blasting her way into the world of the unicorns, Beloved seriously injured the Axis Mundi, the great tree that holds the world together. Now, even as the Hunters spread out in search of their prey, that world trembles on the brink of destruction.

Meanwhile, Cara Diana Hunter, traveling with the mysterious Fallon, is desperately trying to make her way back to her grandmother, Amalia Flickerfoot, the Queen of the Unicorns. However Amalia and the Gathered Glory, the largest assembly of unicorns ever created, are also on the move, embarking on a death-defying secret plan of their own. But even if they manage to defeat Beloved, can Luster be saved? The answer to that question may come down to two dragons, and a mis-matched pair of Stone magicians.

The strands of the story converge at the center of the world. There, in a fierce and moving climax, the riddles are unraveled and the mysteries resolved as this astonishing epic thunders to its stunning conclusion.

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