Secret of the Delvers

A Search for Truth, a Struggle to Survive!

Cara Diana Hunter is a prisoner in the underground world of the delvers! In her struggle to escape she will form a most unexpected friendship. But even if she does manage to elude the delvers, can she reach the Valley of the Centaurs in time to find the story that may hold the key to the survival of the unicorns?

Elsewhere in Luster, her friend Prince Lightfoot faces painful choices as he tries to determine his own course of action. As the crisis builds, he embarks on a journey that will lead him to new discoveries, new challenges, and finally a horrifying moment of confrontation.

And in the scarlet shaft of the Rainbow Prison, Ian Hunter races against time and starvation as he desperately searches for Cara’s mother.

Old secrets are revealed and new mysteries rise in this fourth volume of the Unicorn Chronicles, which will sweep you ever deeper into a fantasy world like no other.

This extensively revised text of what used to be Dark Whispers contains five completely new chapters about Lightfoot and M’Gama!

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