The Invasion of Luster

The Wall Between the Worlds Has Been Breached!

As the Blood Moon rises, Beloved, the ancient and eternal enemy of the unicorns, launches her assault on Luster. But the very act of opening a passage between Earth and the world of the unicorns creates a danger more fearful and far-reaching than even Beloved could have imagined.

The unicorns gathered at Autumngrove feel the intrusion the moment the worlds are linked. It tells them that the long-feared invasion has begun. Knowing that they will need help in the struggle to come, the Queen sends Cara out on a perilous new mission.

In the meantime, Lightfoot finds himself in the last place he ever expected to be: Beloved’s castle on Earth! As the Prince explores the home of the enemy, he makes an astonishing discovery… a discovery that will change everything for Cara and her family.

The danger grows, new mysteries arise, and the tension mounts in the riveting 5th volume of the Unicorn Chronicles, a book that will sweep you further into a fantasy world like no other!

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